Instructor profile: Celeste Douville

Celeste Douville is a highly talented mixed media artist. Her passion includes creating new techniques, color combinations, and textures for her pieces of work. And, her talents range from, but are not limited to  drawing, painting, mixing colors in clay and paint, forming precious metal clay, building collages and journals.

To illustrate, here are a few examples of her work:

If you are interested in learning from Celeste, she offers a wide array of classes this summer:

Collage Exploration: August 16, Saturday 10 am-4 pm Ages: Adult – 18+

Silver Precious Metal Clay Jewelry II: August 30, Friday 10 am-4 pm Ages: Adult – 18+

For more information on the classes or if you want to register visit

Finally, here are some questions for Celeste Douville followed by her responses. Enjoy!

1. How long have you been creating art? 

My childhood was filled with creating wonderful arts and crafts projects regularly. My mother, her siblings and my grandmother were all precise and prolific craftswomen. I spent every summer learning new skills – knitting, crochet, macrame, embroidery, weaving, cross stitch, painting, writing and more. Becoming an artist has only expanded my art interest and skills.

2. Where do you like to create?

Anywhere and everywhere. I have at least one art project in every room of the house! I have at least one art journal and a journaling kit with me at all times. I am currently a stay at home mom of a preschooler, I will pull out my art journal at the playground for a few moments of art making on a particularly busy week.

3. What are your favorite subjects? And, how often do they show up in your work? 

There are always circles in my work, even if it is just how I get the paint or glue on the substrate. Words. I love quotations and have collected them since jr. high school. I am inspired by the shapes of a collection of words or the prayer of a single word or short phrase.

4. Do you experiment with other media?

Oh yes! My childhood set me up to be a lover of all art media! There was a craft catalogue warehouse/outlet mall near my Grandmother Hazel’s home in Wisconsin, each summer we would take a day trip there and load up on projects for the weeks we were visiting, I explored then and haven’t stopped! I believe it’s good for the soul.

5. When you are not creating, what other things do you enjoy doing?

Raising a gloriously wild, imaginative awesome son. Exploring the world – nature walks, science explorations, baking & cooking, lots of library visits and reading. And I love to swim laps.

6. Why do you enjoy teaching?

I love the creative energy that fills the room when a group of people get together to create for hours at a time – each of us is pushed to create newer and better work than when working alone.

 7. What would your dream studio look like?

A beautiful light-filled large space with lots of handcrafted wooden bookshelves and several work surfaces for various projects (painting, sewing/fiber, computer). Display space on top of all the shelves. Collection of my work and other artist friends on all the walls. Sliding glass doors leading to a lovely shady garden with lushious fruits and vegetables, comfy chairs, water feature and fire bowl. Care to join me?

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Summer Camps – Day 1

Amazing progress in Jody Cain’s Altered Books camp, which started today at the Schack.

When I walked in this morning they were just getting underway with some old, plain books and a little speed painting.

P1020462But, by the time I left they had several wonderful art filled pages to show for the first 5 hours. Here a few examples.

P1020469 P1020470Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to capture anything from Nikki Wheeler’s Summer Art Camp, which also started today with the younger kids. But, I’ll get some shots on Wednesday.

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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas from the Schack Shop

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